Supervision/Vadovavimas darbams


Supervised PhD dissertations/Vadovautos daktaro disertacijos

Ieva Stasiūnaitė On the motivated polysemy of some prepositions: From concrete to abstract senses of the Lithuanian ŽEMIAU, PO and the English BELOW, UNDER, defended in October 2020 in Vilnius University

Justina Urbonaitė Metaphor in academic legal discourse: A contrasive analysis, defended in May 2017 in Vilnius University

Jolanta Šinkūnienė Hedging in written academic discourse: A cross-linguistic and cross-disciplinary study, defended in April 2011 in Vilnius University

Liudmila Arcimavičienė Morality models through metaphor in public discourse: A contrastive analysis, defended in May 2010 in Vilnius University

Consultant of a doctoral dissertation

Eglė Vaivadaitė-Kaidi. The development in the expression of the conceptual metaphor in the Catholic translations of the Bible into Lithuanian in 19th-20th century, defended in October 2018 in Vilnius University

Supervised Master Theses/Vadovauti magistro darbai
(from 2003 to 2024; previous record of supervision has not survived)

2024 (Language for Specific (legal) Purposes Programme) Diana Šablovskaja Metaphoricity of Right(s) in the Handbooks on European Law Issued by the European Court of Human Rights

2022 (Language for Specific (legal) Purposes Programme) Aira Gecevičiūtė Tackling Corruption: A contrastive study of metaphors in Lithuanian and English public discourse

2021 (Language for Specific (legal) Purposes Programme) Kornelija Dūdonytė Conceptualisation of Migration: An analysis of communications of the European Union institutions

2021 (English Studies Programme) Liucija Klimaitė Metaphor in the USA Presidential Debate: Democrats vs Republicans

2021 (Language for Specific (legal) Purposes Programme) Justas Kontrimas Metaphoricity of Corruption: A contrastive analysis of documents and media texts

2019 (Translation Studies Programme) Julija Vilkaitė Synesthesia in Lithuanian and English Music Discourse

2019 (Translation Studies Programme) Oleg Volkov Irony as a Clash of Frames: A cross-linguistic perspective

2019 (Language for Specific (legal) Purposes Programme) Rina Veler Youth Crime Related Metaphors in US and Lithuanian Media: A cross-linguistic study

2019 (Language for Specific (legal) Purposes Programme) Julija Melenikova Space as a Source Domain in Metaphors in EU Legal Acts on Intellectual Property: A contrastive analysis

2019 (English Studies Programme), Yevheniia Hasai The Image of Ukraine in Ukrainian, Russian and UK Public Discourse: A cross-linguistic study of metaphor

2018 (Language for Specific (legal) Purposes Programme) Roberta Giedraitė Metaphors in the Judgements of the European Court of Human Rights. A Cross-linguistic Analysis

2018 (Language for Specific (legal) Purposes Programme) Ugnė Rutkauskaitė Analysis of Some Business-related Synonymous Nouns in EU Legal Documents Employing Semantic Units of Meaning

2017 (Translation Studies Programme) Mantas Noreika Lexical Bundles in English EU Legal Documents and Tendencies of Lexical Bundle Translation into Lithuanian

2017 (Language for Specific (legal) Purposes Programme) Modestas Talačka Conceptual Metaphor in Opinions of Advocates General of the Court of Justice of the European Union and their Translation into Lithuanian

2017 (Language for Specific (legal) Purposes Programme) Oksana Teslenko Nominalizations in the Judgments of the European Court of Human Rights and Tendencies of their Translation into Lithuanian

2015 (Translation Studies Programme) Vaiva Teniukaitė Conceptualising Criminality in Public Discourse: A contrastive study

2013 (General Linguistics Programme) Rūta Pileckytė Metaphors of Lithuanian Public Discourse

2013 (Scandinavian Studies Programme) Justė Nepaitė Category of Gender in Lithuanian and Norwegian: non-native speaker’s perspective

2013 (English Studies Programme) Ksenija Valentjeva Conceptual Metaphor in Literary Criticism on Poetry: A contrastive study of English and Russian

2012 (English Studies Programme), Elizabeta Khiterer Conceptualisation of Cancer in English and Russian: A contrastive analysis of written medical discourse

2012 (English Studies Programme) Ieva Rutkauskaitė Conceptual Metaphors of Negative Emotions in a Cross-cultural Perspective: English and Russian lyrics of alternative rock music

2012 (English Studies Programme) Milda Kalytytė Conceptual TEACHING/LEARNING Metaphors in English and Lithuanian Academic Discourse: Language teaching articles

2012 (English Linguistics Programme), Julija Budnik Conceptualisation of SMELL in English and Lithuanian

2012 (Language for Specific (legal) Purposes Programme) Justina Balčiūnaitė Conceptual Metaphors in Lithuanian and British Newspaper Articles on Criminal Issues: A contrastive analysis

2011 (Language for Specific (legal) Purposes Programme) Loreta Levinskaitė Hedging in legal Discourse: Opinions of advocates vs research articles

2011 (Language for Specific (legal) Purposes Programme) Biruta Szslauzys Hedging in Legal Academic Discourse: A contrastive analysis

2010 (English Studies Programme) Beata Mažul Conceptual Metaphor in Written Discourse on Christianity and Hinduism

2008 (English Linguistics Programme) Dovilė Savickaitė Employing the Writing Process in School Textbooks of Lithuanian and English Authors

2008 (English Linguistics Programme) Jolanta Buiko Extension of Meaning: Colours in English and Polish consumer magazines

2008 (English Linguistics Programme) Inga Dervinytė Conceptual Metaphors of Migration in the Language of the Press: A contrastive analysis

2006 (English Linguistics Programme) Justina Urbonaitė Conceptual HEALTH Metaphor in Economic and Political Discourse: A cross-linguistic analysis

2005 (English Linguistics programme) Olga Severova Meaning Extension in English and Lithuanian Linguistic Discourse: A contrastive study

2005 (English Linguistics Programme) Lina Kulišauskaitė A Contrastive Study of Metaphor in Political Articles on EU Enlargement

2005 (English Linguistics Programme) Liudmila Arcimavičienė Conceptual AIDS Metaphors in Public Discourse

2004 (English Linguistics Programme) Ieva Stasiūnaitė On the Semantics of the Preposition ON

2004 (English Linguistics Programme) Diana Jerechinskaja Linguistic Expression of Hedging and Boosting of Author Commitment in English and Lithuanian Articles on Teaching Methodology

Supervised Bachelor Theses/Vadovauti bakalauro darbai
(from 2003 to 2024; previous record of supervision has not survived)

2024 (English Philology Programme) Martynas Žaronaitis Metaphoricity of Corruption in Public Institutional Discourse: A cross-cultural perspective

2023 (English Philology Programme) Gustavo de Oliveira Navigating the Tangled Webs of the Political Spectrum: a discursive analysis of metaphors from the Far Left to the Far Right

2023 (English Philology Programme) Eglė Radzytė Metaphorical Conceptualisation of War in Ukraine in Media Discourse: A cross-cultural analysis

2022 (Scandinavian Studies programme) Dominyka Gužauskaitė Conceptualising Inflation in Lithuanian and Danish Public Discourse

2021 (Scandinavian Studies programme) Irma Jakutytė Coronovirus Metaphors in Lithuanian and Swedish Public Discourse

2020 (Scandinavian Studies programme) Rusnė Stumbraitė Metaphors in Election Manifestos of Swedish Political Parties

2018 (Scandinavian Studies programme) Jovilė Piragiūtė Conceptualising Sexual Harassment in Lithuanian and Danish Press

2016 (English Philology programme), Monika Perminaitė Figurative Meaning and Translation: HEAD and HEART in English and Lithuanian

2016 (English Philology programme) Deividas Zibalas On the Polysemy and Translation of ON

2016 (Translation Studies programme) Oleg Volkov Irony and its Translation in Balys Sruoga’s novel „The Forest of the Gods“: A cognitive perspective

2015 (English Philology programme), Karolina Švedaitė Metaphor in Election Discourse: Speeches of Barack Obama and John McCain in the US presidential campaign of 2008

2015 (English Philology programme) Modestas Talačka iand Valentinas Niunka Metaphor in Legal Discourse: EU directives and their translation into Lithuanian

2015 (English Philology programme), Ina Gudelevičiūtė Compound Medical Terms in English and their Equivalents in Lithuanian: Structure and meaning

2015 (English Philology programme), Mantas Noreika Space Conceptualization in English: On the polysemy of the preposition AGAINST

2015 (English Philology programme), Domantas Deveikis Metaphors in European Union Directives on Company Law: A cross-linguistic analysis

2015 (English Philology programme, minor studies), Julija Sakalauskaitė and Austėja Anelauskaitė Verbal Humour in English and Lithuanian: A case study of the film Get Smart and its translation into Lithuanian

2015 (English Philology programme, minor studies), Indrė Stanionytė and Kamilė Vitėnaitė. Humour Translation in „Shrek the Third“: from English into Lithuanian

2015 (English Philology programme, minor studies), Indrė Balčiūnaitė and Nadiežda Nosova. Humour in the American TV-sitcom „Friends“ and its Translation into Lithuanian

2014 (English Philology programme) Diana Ašmontaitė and Giedrė Gudauskaitė The Language of Advertising: Advertisements of dairy products in the UK and Lithuania

2014 (English Philology programme) Magda Sokolovič The Language of Tourism: Linguistic aspects of impact in guidebooks on Warsaw and Vilnius

2014 (English Philology programme) Rasa Jasinskaitė Space Conceptualisation: The polysemy of “across”

2014 (English Philology programme) Roberta Ambraškaitė Compounds with -head: Usage and meaning in British and American English

2013 (English Philology programme) Julija Stepančuk Evidence Speaks for Itself: Metaphors in court hearings

2013 (English Philology programme) Agnė Zenevičiūtė and Ieva Račickaitė Agentivity Suffixes: Productivity and meaning

2013 (English Philology programme) Totilė Levandauskaitė Conceptual Metaphor in Music Discourse

2013 (English Philology programme) Dorota Naruševič Wind and Rain Idioms in English and Lithuanian

2013 (English Philology programme) Greta Tarvydavičiūtė Euphemisms of Obesity in the Language of the Press in English and Lithuanian

2012 (English Philology programme) Rita Romanova “Ear” Idioms: Patterns of usage and motivation of meaning

2011 (English Philology programme) Aliona Golubovskaja Hand-compounds: Motivation of meaning and productivity in British and American English

2010 (English Philology programme) Rita Martinkutė Matters of the Heart: Heart idioms in English and Lithuanian

2010 (English Philology programme) Renata Filistovič and Eglė Šepetytė A cross-linguistic Analysis of Metaphors in Economic Discourse: English vs Lithuanian

2010 (English Philology programme) Agnė Daunytė Conceptual Metaphors in Articles on Foreign Language Teaching: English vs Lithuanian

2009 (English Philology programme) Evelina Žarnauskaitė Metaphors of Cancer in English and Lithuanian Virtual Discourse

2009 (English Philology programme) Lina Krušaitė Eye(s) Idioms in English and Lithuanian

2008 (English Philology programme) Živilė Čiuželytė Hedging in Bachelor papers on Linguistic and Literary Topics: A contrastive analysis

2008 (English Philology programme) Agnė Stanulionytė Hedging in BA and MA Theses of English Philology Students

2008 (English Philology programme) Natalja Moisejeva The Image of Cats and Dogs in English and French Idioms

2008 (English Philology programme) Monika Krumplytė Hedging in BA and MA Papers of English Philology Students of Vilnius University 

2008 (English Philology programme) Rasa Kandrotaitė Semantic Peculiarities of the Adjectives ‘glowing’, ‘luminous’, ‘radiant’, ‘shiny’

2008 (English Philology programme) Jūratė Meilutė Metaphors ARGUMENT IS WAR in Political Discourse: A contrastive analysis

2008 (English Philology programme) Olga Malinauskaitė and Aleksandra Komarova The Language of Idioms: What is money for the English?

2008 (English Philology programme) Marina Tolstikova A Cross-cultural Analysis of Hand and Foot Idioms in English and Spanish: A conceptual perspective

2007 (English Philology programme) Olga Severova A Semantic Analysis of the Adjectives ‘horrible’, ‘horrid’, ‘horrific’ in British National Corpus

2007 (English Philology programme) Dovilė Savickaitė  The method of Writing in English Textbooks by Lithuanian and English Authors

2007 (English Philology programme) Vaiva Prokopavičiūtė Idioms with Colour Terms in English and Spanish

2007 (English Philology programme) Eglė Šalaševičiūtė Headlines of Reuters News Reports on EU: Linguistic aspects

2007 (English Philology programme) Lina Klenauskytė Euphemisms in Reuters News Reports on War 

2007 (English Philology programme) Aistė Bikutė The Usage of Colour Terms in the Language of Newspapers: Political and economic discourse

2007 (English Philology programme) Margarita Adamkovič and Žana Borisevičiūtė The Language of Metaphors: Cognitive family models in the discourse of British political parties

2006 (English Philology programme) Indrė Pukelytė Hedging in Medical Texts: A contrastive analysis

2006 (English Philology programme) Skirmantė Andrašiūtė English Spatial Prepositions IN, ON AT: Metaphoricity of space

2006 (English Philology programme) Inga Stirnaitė Acknowledgements in Linguistics Books: A contrastive analysis

2006 (English Philology programme) Dovilė Kuktaitė A Corpus-driven Approach: The English synonyms ‘contemporary’ and ‘modern’

2006 (English Philology programme) Evelina Grigorovič Aziz Hedging in Research Articles of Political Sciences: English vs Lithuanian

2006 (English Philology programme) Matilda Vaičiulytė Animal Names in English Idioms

2005 (English Philology programme) Inga Panavaitė Metaphors in Popular Magazines

2004 (English Philology programme) Elena Brasaitė On the Meaning of Idioms with Colour Terms ‘black’ and ‘white’

2004 (English Philology programme) Evelina Grigorovič On the Semantics of ‘fortune’, ‘destiny’ and ‘fate’

2004 (English Philology programme) Justina Riaubaitė Peculiarities of Hedging in Lithuanian and English Linguistic Texts

2004 (English Philology programme) Paulė Tamuliūnaitė The Frequency and Variability of the English Preposition Errors in the National Examination compositions

2003 (English Philology programme) Grita Bubelytė How is Persuasion Rendered in Public Speeches?

2003 (English Philology programme) Dalia Minkutė ‘Operative’, ‘operating’, ‘operable’, ‘operational’. Is there any Operation in any of them?

2003 (English Philology programme) Julius Kondratavičius On the Polysemy of OVER

2003 (English Philology programme) Jūratė Vaitkutė Semantic Peculiarities of ‘perrenial’ and ‘perpetual’

2003 (English Philology programme) Anna Nesterova On the Semantics of AGAINST

2003 (English Philology programme) Živilė Petravičiūtė Emotive Elements in Men’s and Momen’s Speech

2003 (English Philology programme) Beata Giedraitytė On the Polysemy of AT