Nuclear Physics Laboratory


Contents of three introductory lectures on Nuclear Physics

The total number of experiments done at the Educational Laboratory of Atomic and Nuclear Physics is 18. Seven of those experiments are offered to foreign exchange students studying at the Faculty of Physics. Instruction manuals of those experiments have been translated into English. Below are the links to pdf files with those instruction manuals.

Experiment No. 8. Artificial Radioactivity
Experiment No. 9. Absorption of Alpha Particles and Electrons
Experiment No. 10. Attenuation of Gamma Rays
Experiment No. 11. Study of the Alpha-Energies of Radium-226
Experiment No. 14. Investigation of Radioactive Equilibrium and Measuring the Half-Life of Ba-137m
Experiment No. 15. X-Ray Dosimetry
Experiment No. 16. Energy Loss of Alpha Particles in Gases

A Guide to Laboratory Report Writing
A sample laboratory report