Some updates on schedule and FAQs on project

2023-11-08 19:49

By popular demand the lecture of 11.21 and defence of projects will be postponed to 11.28 and joined together with that lecture. I will be there from 17:15 in class 102 (but if you have lectures, we can start at 17:30) and finish at 21:00.

The people that had original 11.28 date for defence will be prioritised for preferred time.

FAQs on project reports

  • What is the length requirement?

Up to 10 pages for 1 person project, up to 16 pages on 2 people project.

  • Do I need to prepare slides?

No, the slides are not necessary, you can use your report to present the work

  • How much time will I have for defence?

The allocated time is 9 minutes per person in total (including questions, likely time allocation: 5-6 minutes to present the results, 3-4 minutes for questions).

  • Do I need to format the report according to formal thesis requirements? i.e. with the title page,  table of centants, abstract, refererences.

Please try to format is as a report or article. No title page, no table of contents. Abstract should be included, and references.

  • What are requirements for the review?

1-page review, including 1-2 questions to the author

  • Who will review my work?

A colleague who has their project defence on the same day