Information on Lab assignments and evaluation

2023-09-04 20:52

Students will need to do a key project to get an assessment for lab works for the course “Parametric and Non-parametric statistical methods”

Goal of the key project:

Choose a paper which applies some of parametric and non-parametric statistics methods to solve an actual problem. Replicate and refine the research from that paper with generated data.

The scope of the project does not need to fully match the original paper, in can be adjusted.

The Final grade (50% of total grade of the course) will consist of:

  1. the proposal of the project. 15% The proposal should be presented in a form of an oral presentation with slides. It should include:
    • a chapter on the problem that the paper addresses
    • an overview of methodology in the paper
    • a proposal of the scope, goal and methods of the key project. It can be a refined project which deviates from the original paper and enrichments, alternative comparisons are welcome
  2. A written report on the project and defence in the clasroom 25% The report should include:
    • a short overview of the problem area
    • a goal presentation (largely based on proposal from the first part of assessment)
    • the project methodology, execution, snippets of code
    • the results and conclusions 
    • the assigment will be defended in the classroom at allocated time
  3. A review of a colleague’s key project 10%. A written 2-page review of a different key project executed by a student colleage.

Here is a list of suggested papers to replicate for a key project. Student can choose a different paper (not from the list) upon agreement with their teacher.

Students can do key projects in pairs. If a project is done by 2 students it will be reviewed by 2 colleagues.

The lab works plan:

09.05 – Info on assignments, Q&A

09.12 – Introduction to experimentation and current research in that area

09.19 – Consultations

09.26 – Consultations

10.03 – Consultations

10.10 – Proposals

10.17 – Proposals

10.24 – Proposals

10.31 – Proposals

11.07 – Consultations

11.14 – N\A

11.21 – Key project presentations

11.28 – Key project presentations

12.05 – Key project presentations

12.12- Key project presentations

12.19 – Key project presentations

A report on the key project should be emailed a week prior the defence date, so that it would give enough time for reviewers to prepare the reviews and teacher to get familiar with the content.

Next week, a schedule for proposals will be published.