Stasys Jukna: Online manuscripts of my papers


List at Google scholar
List at DBLP. Schloss Dagstuhl. Bibliography run by Michael Ley.
Copyright Notice © Please note that some of the publications are subject to copyright restrictions but you are free to use such publications for personal research or education purposes. For papers that have already been published, the versions available here are, as a rule, those of the earlier preprints, and may not contain corrections made in the editing process. 

I was a co-author of works with:

  • Aleksander E. Andreev
  • Carsten Damm
  • Pavol Ďuriš
  • Johan Håstad
  • Juraj Hromkovič
  • Pavel Hrubeš
  • Andrzej Lingas
  • Alexander Kulikov
  • Pavel Pudlák
  • Alexander A. Razborov
  • Martin Sauerhoff
  • Petr Savicky
  • Georg Schnitger
  • Hannes Seiwert
  • Igor Sergeev
  • Jirí Sgall
  • Ingo Wegener
  • Stanislav Žák

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