Conference presentations


2018 September, EUROPHRAS 2018 conference in Bialystok (Poland): Linking data-driven phraseology and rhetoric: a cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary study of academic abstracts in L2 English (co-presenter Lukasz Grabowski, Poland)

2017 October, VU UKI conference in Vilnius: The language of Lithuanian learners of English: a story of giving and taking (co-authored with Inesa Šeškauskienė) and Relating Foreign Language Tests to the CEFR: prescribed procedures vs real-life challenges

2017 October, Learner Corpus Research conference in Bolzano (Italy): High‐frequency verbs in EFL learners’ conversation:
patterning of DO, HAVE, MAKE, GIVE and TAKE

2017 July, AILA World Congress in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), co-presenter Inesa Šeškauskienė: “Give thought” or just “think”? Metaphors in the language of Lithuanian learners of English

2016 December, RELANG Colloquium at the European Centre of Modern Languages in Graz (Austria): Aligning language examinations
to the CEFR: the question of (multi)standard setting

2016 September, LITAKA (Lithuanian Association of Applied Linguistics) conference in Vilnius, co-presenter Inesa Šeškauskienė: Prepositions in learner English, or why ON is more difficult than IN

2016 June, FLaRN conference in Vilnius, co-presenter Lukasz Grabowski (University of Opole, Poland): Comparing formulaicity of learner writing through phrase-frames: a corpus-driven study of Lithuanian and Polish EFL student writing

2015 September, 3rd International Learner Corpus Research conference in Nijmegen (Netherlands), co-presenter Inesa Šeškauskienė: From spatial to non-spatial prepositional meaning: IN and ON in the language of Lithuanian learners of English

2014 July, FLaRN (Formulaic Language Research Network) conference in Swansea (UK): Tracing the development of phraseological competence

2014 April, International conference “Linguistic, Didactic and Sociocultural Aspects of Language Functioning” in Vilnius (LEU), co-presenter Inesa Šeškauskienė: Criterial achievement levels: evidence from the National English Examintion in Lithuania

2013 October, International conference of applied linguistics in Vilnius; co-presenter Inesa Šeškauskienė: Searching for evidence of CEFR criterial achievement levels in the National English Examintion in Lithuania

2013 September, Learner Corpus Research conference in Bergen (Norway): Lexical bundles in written learner English: the case of Lithuanian learners

2013 May, ICAME 34: English corpus linguistics on the move: Applications and implications in Santjago de Kompostela (Spain). Presentation title: Insights from a corpus of secondary school English examination essays in Lithuania.

2012 May, ICAME 33: Corpora at the centre and crossroads of English linguistics in Leuven, Belgium; co-presenter Jonė Grigaliūnienė: Participle clauses in spoken and written learner language: the case of Lithuanian-speaking learners

2011 September, Learner Corpus Research 2011 in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium; co-presenter Jonė Grigaliūnienė: Recurrent formulaic sequences in the speech and writing of Lithuanian learners of English

2010 September, SLE (Societas Linguistica Europaea) 43rd Annual Meeting in Vilnius: Patterns of lexis in learner language: Lithuanian learners of English vs. native speakers

2010 March, FLaRN (Formulaic Language Research Network) Conference in Paderborn, Germany:
Lexical bundles in learner language: Lithuanian learners of English vs. native speakers

2009 October, International conference on language teaching, Institute of Foreign languages, Vilnius University: Lexical bundles in learner language: Lithuanian learners of English vs. native speakers

2008 September, International Conference on English and German Studies, Vilnius University: “Verb-Noun” Collocations in Learner Language: Lithuanian learners of English vs Native Speakers

2008 September, International Seminar on Corpus Linguistics in honour of John Sinclair, Granada (Spain) – a joint presentation with Lina Bikelienė: Insights from the Lithuanian Learner Corpus of English (poster presentation)

2008 April, Vilnius University, Conference of PhD students: Anglų kaip svetimosios kalbos produktyviojo žodyno vertinimo parametrai (Vocabulary assessment in the tests of writing)

2008 April, ALTE (Association of Language Testers in Europe) 3rd International Conference, Cambridge University The use of collocations in argumentative essays of Lithuanian EFL learners (poster presentation)

2007 June, FIPLV (Fédération Internationale des Professeurs de Langues Vivantes) Conference in Riga, Latvia:
Analyzing topic-specific vocabulary in EFL student writing

2005 October, 1st International Conference of Applied Linguistics, Vilnius University: Užsienio kalbų VBE žodyno tematika: klausymo ir skaitymo užduočių analizė (Content coverage of the listening and reading papers of the national foreign languages examinations in Lithuania).  








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