During my postdoctoral fellowship (Form variation effect on processing advantage of formulaic sequences, supervisor Prof Dr Jurgis Pakerys, 2017-2021) I carried out two psycholinguistic experiments:

  1. A reaction time study aiming to explore the effect of word order variation on the processing speed of collocations. I collected data from Lithuanian as L1 and English as both L1 and L2 speakers.
  2. An eye-tracking study aiming to explore the effect of morphological form of collocation on its processing speed with Lithuanian L1 speakers.

Full datasets of these studies as well as the lists of the stimuli I have used are available on this website. The files will be password-protected. If you would like to review these files or use the data, please contact me and I will be happy to share the passwords with you.

Reaction time experiment: data and explanations:

Eye-tracking experiment: data and explanations: