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I am an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Philology. I gained a BA degree in English Philology from Vilnius University in 2004, I obtained my MA degree in English Linguistics in 2006 and my PhD in Humanities (Linguistics) in 2017.

I have worked at the Department of English Philology since 2006. The courses I have delivered include English Stylistics, English Grammar, Contemporary English: Informative Presentations & Persuasive Presentations, Business English, Legal English, Language of Civil Law, Language of Criminal Law. Now I teach the following courses: Presentations (part of the module of English Phonetics and Presentations), Academic Writing (part of the module of Contemporary English IV), Theory of Metaphor, and The Language of Civil Law.  My main research interests lie in the fields of cognitive linguistics, contemporary metaphor research, legal discourse, forensic linguistics, language and/of violence.

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