Here is a list of my publications:


Urbonaitė, J. (2015). Metaphor identification procedure MIPVU: an attempt to apply it to Lithuanian. Taikomoji kalbotyra [Applied Linguistics]. To download the article, click here.

Urbonaitė, J. (2015). A cross-linguistic study of metaphor in legal research articles: the case of criminal justice. Thought Elaboration: Linguistics, Literature, Media Expression: TELL ME 2014. Collection of Scientific Articles. You can access the article here (pp. 13-28).

Urbonaitė. J. & I. Šeškauskienė. (2007). HEALTH metaphor in political and economic discourse: a cross-linguistic analysis. Kalbų studijos/Studies about Languages 11: 68 – 73. To download the article, click here.