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Until the structural reform of the university I was working at the Teorinės fizikos katedra. The link to my new institute.

My scientific interest is Particle Physics. The Standard Model of Particle Physics is now 50 years old, but the last particle, the Higgs boson, was discovered only recently (July 2012).

In one area the Standard Model has to be modified: the parameter-wise most economic assumption, that neutrinos are massless, cannot explain the neutrino oscillations, which were confirmed 15 years ago.

A modification of the Standard Model to include massive neutrinos uses the Higgs mechanism to generate masses for the neutrinos in the same way as for all the other particles. It leaves the question, why the masses of the neutrinos are so much smaller than all the other masses.

This last question can be addressed by the seesaw mechanism.

My research interest specializes in theories that try to address some of the questions, that the Standard Model does not answer:
supersymmetry and the seesaw mechanism.

The Link leads to the current project. The financial support is over, the work not yet …

With the Nobel prize 2015 going to neutrino oscillations, I presented a short introduction into neutrino oscillations within the scope of the students “Cafe Scientifique” in Vilnius on November 4th.

The bachelor thesis of Anton Kunchinas is used for Monte Carlo sampling the parameters of a generic Two Higgs Doublet model, where each data point represents an up to now valid parameter point that is not excluded by theory limits or by experimental measurements.


  1. Elena, 2019-05-04 11:23 #

    Dear Mr. Gajdosik,

    I am Elena and I am a student of Physics in Spain. Looking for particle physics exercises on the internet I came across a homework sheet that has the type of exercises I am looking for (http://web.vu.lt/ff/t.gajdosik/files/2019/02/HW-2019_v2.pdf). It seems it belongs to you. I was wondering if it would be possible to access to the solutions of those exercises someway. It would be tremendously useful for me, as I am doing the course of particle physics in my university and these exercises seem to be very didactic.

    Thank you very much in advance!

  2. Arunas Ostasevicius, 2015-07-08 08:39 #

    Dear Mr. Thomas Gajdosik,
    I am a physics teacher. I work in Vilnius Technology and Business Vocational Training Centre. I am interested in the history of electricity. I’m trying to replicate some of the experiments and explain their results.
    Why I write this letter? There are works that present scientific theory does not explain, for example – the Biefeld-Brown Effect (The Biefeld-Brown Effect: Misinterpretation of Corona Wind Phenomena
    M. Tajmar, ARC Seibersdorf research, A-2444 Seibersdorf, Austria).
    It would be interesting to know your opinion on this phenomenon.
    Arunas Ostasevičius

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