Human Computer Interaction Design

2014-02-10 10:48

This master course is a theoretical and practical exploration of human computer interaction design. Thge teaching materials are provided in Vilnius University Virtual Learning Environment.



    • Students are expected to prepare presentations of two scientific papers. The list of topics is provided in the internal course page
    • Talk requirements:
      • 20-30 min. for each paper
      • 5-10 min Q&A after each paper
      • a talk consists of:
        • an overview of the topic
        • for each paper explain of the problem domain, the proposed method, the results
        • you own evaluation of the paper: benefits, limitations, how to make it better (your own suggestions), your view to future directions
      • The day before the talk you have to send the slides to the course lecturer  (kristina (dot) lapin (eta) mif (dot) vu (dot) lt ).

Project deadlines:

    1. User need analysis
    2. Mockups: information architecture
    3. Usability evaluations


  1. Introduction to interaction design
  2. Conceptualization of interaction design
  3. Design for cognition
  4. Social interaction
  5. Emotional aspects
  6. Interface types
  7. The process of interaction design
  8. User needs and requirements
  9. Design, prototyping and construction
  10. Interaction design in practice
  11. Data gathering for requirements and evaluations
  12. Introducing evaluations
  13. Analytical evaluations
  14. Evaluations with users