Stepas Toliautas, 2019

Stepas Toliautas

Assistant professor, PhD

Member of Vilnius University community since 2003.
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Dates and places

I was born 1985 in Vilnius and grew up in Fabijoniškės district (after it was built in 1988):

  • S. Stanevičius secondary school (1991-1999)
  • Vilnius Lyceum (1999-2003)
  • B. Dvarionas decennial music school (1991-2003)

From 2003 I studied at the Vilnius University Faculty of Physics in Saulėtekis:

  • bachelor studies — Computer Physics (2003-2007)
    • Fall 2006 — Linköpings University in Sweden
      (via Erasmus exchange programme)
  • masters studies — Theoretical Physics and Astronomy (2007-2009)
  • doctoral studies — physical sciences, Physics (2009-2013)
    • PhD degree earned September 2014

I am also employed by the Faculty of Physics since April 2007 (first as lab assistant):

  • engineer (2007-2014)
  • lecturer/ assistant professor (2014-)
  • scientific researcher (by grants, 2012-).

Outside the faculty I’ve been known to program internal databases and mobile games.
Since 2014 you’re likely to meet me in Saulėtekis, Naujamiestis dist. and every patch of greenery in-between 🙂


Scientific activity

See Research.