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Paulius Šarka

Department of Probability Theory and Number Theory
Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics
Vilnius University
Naugarduko 24
LT-03225 Vilnius, Lithuania
e-mail: paulius.sarka either @gmail.com or @mif.vu.lt


My primary interest is additive combinatorics. Most of the work I have done or am doing is connected to additive properties of sets of positive integers. Namely:

(with A.Dubickas, T.Schoen, M.Silva) Finding Large co-Sidon Subsets in Sets With a Given Additive Energy, European Journal of Combinatorics, 34 , 2013, 1144-1157

(with J.Rue and A.Zumalacarregui) On The Error Term of The Logarithm of The lcm of a Quadratic Sequence, to appear in Journal de Théorie des Nombres de Bordeaux

(with A.Dubickas) On Multiplicative Functions Which Are Additive on Sums of Primes, Aequationes Mathematicae 86(1-2), 2013, 81-89.

(with A.Dubickas) Sumsets of Sparse SetsPeriodica Mathematica Hungarica, 64(2), 2012

(with L.Rackham) B_h Sequences in Higher DimensionsThe Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, 17, 2010, #35

(with A.Dubickas) Infinite Sets of Integers Whose Distinct Elements Do Not Sum to a PowerJournal of Integer Sequences, 9(4), 2006


(with J.Cilleruelo, J.Rue and A.Zumalacarregui) The Least Common Multiple of Sets of Positive Integers, preprint


I am one of authors of Olympiad mathematics textbook „Matematikos Knyga“ (in Lithuanian). It is licensed by Creative Commons BY-SA license, therefore free (as in freedom). You may find it in olimpiados.lt or in bitbucket.

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