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PSA – Pressure Shift Assay is a method used for the calculation of the protein molecule volumetric parameters. We do dose curves simulation and model parameters fitting.


Understanding the change of the protein volumetric properties upon ligand binding is one of the essential parts to interpret protein behavior. We calculate and analyze protein volume using PDB structures.


I am ready to develop projects in python and C languages. Also I do high quality pdf documents using LateX. Join my team if you have any ideas.


Most of my free time I spend developing unmanned aerial systems. If you have knowledge in programming, computer science, communication systems, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, electronics engineering please write me an email.


Any prejudice in science is fatal

I am Vytautas Rafanavicius and this is my official website. I do science in protein modeling. Especially in calculating the volumetric properties change upon lingand binding to a protein. It is quite niche work, however very important for rational drug design.

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