Exam retakes (2017 Autumn semester)

Academic Reading (Modern English, Year 1)

Date: February 8th, 1 PM, Jonas Balkevičius Room

The exam will consist of two open questions – one regarding one of the short stories covered during the course and the other on Ray Bradbury’s novel, Fahrenheit 451.

Oral Exam (Modern English, Year 1)

Date: February 9th, 11 AM, Room A8

The exam will be comprised of the topics covered during the courses of Academic Reading and Communication Skills. You can find the exam schedule here.

British History (Year 1)

Date: February 8th, 11 AM, CHANGE OF ROOM – Room 107 (not Jonas Balkevičius Room)

The examination will be comprised of 20 multiple choice questions and one writing task regarding the material covered during the entire course.