Curriculum Vitae

Brief information

  • Name: Viktorija
  • Surname: Tamulienė (Pyragaitė before marriage in 2015)
  • Date of birth and place: 1979 September 25, Vilnius, Lithuania


  • 1997: Graduated Radvilų secondary school, in Vilnius
    Physics teacher: K. Viskantienė.
  • 1997-2001: Bachelor studies at the Faculty of Physics, Vilnius University.
    Completed BC studies with the work "The investigation of nonlinear interaction of optical vortices in isotropic medium".
    Supervisor: prof. A. Stabinis.
  • 2001-2003: Master studies at the Faculty of Physics, Vilnius University.
    Completed studies with the work "The investigation of the interference of noncollinear optical vortices".
    Gained a Magna Cum Laude diploma on Theoretical Physics and Astronomy.
    Supervisor: prof. A. Stabinis.
  • 2003-2007: PhD studies at Vilnius University, Department of Quantum Electronics.
    Supervisor: prof. A. Stabinis.
    Gained PhD diploma in Physical sciences in 2007.
    PhD thesis: "The free-space propagation of singular beams and their interaction in nonlinear medium".


  • 2007: junior researcher.
  • 2008: researcher, lector.
  • 2011: researcher, associate professor.
  • 2014: senior researcher, associate professor.


  • 2013.03.01-2015.09.30: Supervisor of the project KoSt: "Formation of coherent radiation in nonlinear crystals by incoherent pump".
  • Participated in projects: Integra, ELI, LaMeTech

Fields of interest

  • Singular optics
  • Optical parametric down-conversion and OPCPA
  • Incoherent nonlinear optics (SHG and OPA)
  • Third harmonic and THz generation in air by fs light pulses
  • See list of publications here


  • Lithuanian (mother tongue), Russian (mother tongue), English


  • Programming languages: C++, Fortran
  • OpenGL

Family of physicists...