• Stochastic Schroedinger equation (SSE) description of  electronic excitations in molecular aggregates.
  • Variational wave function approach (VWA) and its application for the energy transport, polaron formation and spectroscopy in molecular aggregates.
  • Electron-vibrational couplings, intramolecular relaxation (cooling) in separate molecules and in coupled molecular clusters. Spectroscopy and dynamics.
  • Thermal fluctuations and conformational disorder  of proteins in a range of pigment-protein complexes in a broad range of temperature (from 0K to room temperature).
  • Anharmonic environment and nonlinear couplings to the environment. (student is needed)
  • Exciton delocalisation and coherent spectroscopy in polymers. (student is needed)
  • Charge dynamics on rough energy surface. Fractional diffusion. (student is needed)

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