Alicija Kupliauskiene

Alicija Kupliauskiene (maiden name Matulaityte) was born on July 31, 1949 in Marijampole (village Skesbaliai). Her family name in papers published in Russian journals is Kuplyauskene or Matulaitite. In 1968 she finished a secondary school (Golden medal) in Kaunas and in 1973 graduated from the Physics fakulty of Vilnius university (Honours diploma). She obtained her doctoral degree of Natural sciences (physics) at the Institute of Physics of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences (theses were defended in Belorussia university in 1977). She is working at the Department of the theory of an atom in the Institute of theoretical physics and astronomy (senior scientific researcher from 1984, lead researcher from 2011) and has more than 300 publications.

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