Jūratė Baranova (official surname Rubavičienė, pen name Ana Audicka) is a Professor in the Department of Continental Philosophy and Religious Studies at the Vilnius University

2018-07-06 06:26

She has published the following books in Lithuanian: 20th Century Moral Philosophy: a Conversation with Kant (2004, 2015), Philosophy and Literature: Contradictions, Parallels and Intersections (2006), Nietzsche and Postmodernism (2007), Cinema and Philosophy (with co-authors, 2012), The Phenomenon of Jurga Ivanauskaitė: Between Surrealism and Existentialism (2014). She has also edited and published books in English, amongst them:  Between Visual and Literary Creation: Tarkovsky and Ivanauskaitė (2015), Lithuanian Philosophy: Persons and Ideas (2000), Contemporary Philosophical Discourse in Lithuania (2005), and with co-authors: Rhythm and Refrain: In Between Philosophy and Arts (2016). She has written written two books of essays: Meditations: Texts and Images (2004) and The Fear of Being Drawned (2009). She is a member of the Lithuanian Writers’ Union.


Deleuzian/Guattarian cartographies: Art outside galleries in new Vilnius map

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