World of Particles


Tentative course description: WoP1-2019-syllabus_v3

Finally, the exercises and homeworks are correctly ordered and have the correct point assignment.

There is a very short review about the lectures dealing with Feynman diagrams and a
summary page for calculating in special relativity.

These slides were used for the first and the fourth lecture about special relativity.

The theoretical description of symmetries as a supplement to the general discussions in Symmetries I and Symmetries II.

A short literature list: Literature-WoP

Introductory text for Special Relativity: the lecture notes by David Hogg: sr

Introductory text for the mathematical formalism: sr4wop


On the 26th of March 2019 Prof. Dr. Christoph Schäfer was giving a lecture about accelerators: Particle Accelerators – Accelerator for Science.


On the 20th of February 2019 Dr. Maciej Trzebiński was giving a seminar for bachelor students, ELEMENTARY PARTICLE PHYSICS: JOURNEY TO THE INNARDS OF OUR UNIVERSE.


Lectures of the old “World of Particles” course:


History of particle physics

Symmetries I

Special Relativity 1, Special Relativity 2, Special Relativity 3

Symmetries II

Particles of the Standard Model: FermionsGauge Bosons, Higgs Boson

Taxonomie of Particles

Big Bang


  1. t.gajdosik, 2019-05-06 13:10 #

    Dear Elena,
    these are particle physics exercises, mostly from the book “Introduction to Elementary Particles” by David Griffiths, ISBN: 978-3-527-40601-2.
    I really recommend this book: maybe you can find it in the library of the university … or even on the internet (though the “free” copies are probably illegal by copyright).
    I will gladly help you with solutions, but I will not post them on the internet.

  2. Elena, 2019-05-04 11:25 #

    Dear Mr. Gajdosik,

    I am Elena and I am a student of Physics in Spain. Looking for particle physics exercises on the internet I came across a homework sheet that has the type of exercises I am looking for ( It seems it belongs to you. I was wondering if it would be possible to access to the solutions of those exercises someway. It would be tremendously useful for me, as I am doing the course of particle physics in my university and these exercises seem to be very didactic.

    Thank you very much in advance!

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