Educational activity


At the moment, I supervise and teach the following courses in applications of information technology for the students of Computational Physics (bachelor) and Theoretical Physics (master) programs:

  • Introduction to Programming (C++),
  • Numerical Methods (MATLAB),
  • Parallel Computing (C++),
  • Artificial Intelligence (Python).

Since the methods and applications falling under the name of “artificial intelligence” stoke my personal interest for a long time now, I do occasionally comment on those as well (see below).  In case you ever need a speaker inclined to explain rather than monger fear, let me know!

  • Artificial intelligence: Path to prosperity or portent? (original title not mine, but the translation is 🙂)
    (Cafe Scientifique hosted by Open Readings 2019, 2019-02-25, in Lithuanian)
  • On the successes (and occasional failures) of artificial intelligence — in the mood of April 1st:
    Good day, Lithuania (LRT, 2016-04-01, in Lithuanian)
  • Vacuuming the maze and related search of the artificial intelligence
    (VU FF SMD (student science society) seminar, 2014-10-21, in Lithuanian)