Vilnius University

Department of Quantum Electronics 

Laser Research Centre




I am a professor at the Laser Research Centre, Faculty of Physics, Vilnius University. My research focuses on ultrafast laser applications to investigate the events taking place in different materials - molecules in solutions, pigment-protein complexes, semiconductors and nanostructures. Absorption of photons triggers a number of interesting phenomena in those materials, and is the first step of processes such biological processes as photosynthesis, vision, phototaxis etc. Ultrafast molecular events are also important for photovoltaic applications and engineering of smart, light-controlled materials. Our main tool is ultrafast laser spectroscopy, but we also do imaging and laser material processing, if that is where our research takes us. Depending from the intensities of the light used, we can probe matter (low intensities), control it (higher intensities) or make irreversible changes in it. From basic research to developing commercial grade equipment for ultrafast laser spectroscopy - we are interested in all of it.  

If you are interested in a joint project, collaboration or would like to do a bachelor or master diploma project at the Laser Centre, come to talk or email me.